Book Sharing Policy


You just purchased a new Gridbook Percussion Book and you’re excited to start getting better! We’re excited for you! Our books include years of research and development and have helped thousands of performers world-wide get better and accomplish their goals. But you might be wondering if you can share your book with someone else so they can benefit from the information too.

While we love the culture of sharing information and teaching, we also have to sell our books to make a living. The sale of our books, both physical and digital is what allows us to continue making great products for the percussion community. We understand the culture of sharing music within the percussion community, but we ask that you please keep the books you buy from us for personal use only.

Gridbook Percussion textbooks and digital books (Pdfs) are protected by copyright law. From the pictures and graphics in the books to the actual text itself, no part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without our full written consent.

We offer plenty of free music on our website and social media channels and do our best to make everything as accessible as possible. However, without the sale of our products we would not be able to survive as a company. That is why it is so important that you do not share copies of our books to anyone for any reason.

We understand there are specific uses of our books and you might not know exactly what you CAN and CAN’T do with your new book, so we made a list of exactly how you can use your Gridbook Percussion products.



You can use your book/pdf for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

You can make copies of your physical book for personal use. (For example, if you want to keep a book at home and a book at school, you may duplicate the book for this convenience.)

You can print digital book files to create a physical book. (For personal use only.)

You can save digital books on multiple devices. (For example, if you want your .pdf on your phone, tablet, and computer you may duplicate and put on all devices.)

You can duplicate digital books to save a backup copy on a hard drive.

You can save digital books on your cloud services of choice. (iBooks, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Etc)

You can teach what you have learned to other people.

You can write your own books and packets with the knowledge you gain from our books. But it must be written in your own interpretation of the information.



You can’t share your files with someone else.

You can’t duplicate the files to distribute to others. (Facebook Groups, Google Drive, Etc)

You can’t give your book to other members of your ensemble.

You can’t copy and paste images or text from our books to assemble your own books or packet material.

You can’t take pictures of the book and share it with others.

You can’t duplicate books or pdf files for any type of distribution.

You can’t duplicate the book to sell for profit.



Thank you so much for being considerate and understanding the importance of following these guidelines. We can survive based on a very simple principle. If everyone who uses our books pays for them we will be able to afford running our business and continue making the amazing things you’ve grown to love from Gridbook Percussion.

If you have any questions about sharing please email us here:

Happy Drumming!

Gridbook Percussion