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Snare Fundamentals

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Product Description

Snare Fundamentals is a book focused on the 7 core drumline skill-sets (Strokes, Timing, Multiple Strokes, Rolls, Paradiddles, Buzz Rolls, & Flams). Using "Old School Techniques" with a "New School Format", this book is a staple for anyone looking to develop a well rounded approach to marching snare drum. 

This book is for people who:
- Are new to drumline. 
- Are a beginner student.
- Are wanting to develop the weak hand. 
- Are instructing a drumline
- Are interested in how fundamentals work together.

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Drumline Fundamentals was written to be a modern "go-to" text for students, performers, and instructors in the drumline community.

Due to the demanding nature of a drumlines season, it's common for students to have gaps created in their fundamental training. This book was written to be a resource for filling in those gaps.

Whether you are new to drumline, a student trying to develop your current skills, or an instructor looking for a new process to use with your students, this book provides an easy to follow process for developing drumline fundamentals step by step from the ground up.

The chapters in this book bring you through a process for building drumline fundamentals. We start from the very beginning learning:

- Growth Mindset
- How To Read Music
- How To Practice
- How To Use This Book

Then we work our way through the 7 Fundamental Skills for rudimental drumming:

- Strokes
- Timing
- Multiple Strokes
- Rolls
- Paradiddle Rudiments
- Buzz Rolls
- Flams

With over 1,062 Exercise Variations, Snare Fundamentals gives you an opportunity to develop an approach to the instrument as well. So by the end you will be playing cleaner with a wide variety of chops in your hands.

Snare Fundamentals can be used as your core curriculum by working in order from beginning to end, you cherry pick through it to isolate the specific skills you need to improve right now, or you can use it to "go back" and fill in the gaps of your educational journey.

9" X 11.5"
Spiral Bound Book
123 Pages
138 Exercises
1,062 Exercise Variations

Table Of Contents

Music Is A Language
Music In Measures
Quarter Notes
8th Notes
16th Notes
Putting It All Together
Understanding Triplets
8th Note Triplets
16th Note Triplets

Anatomy Of The Exercises
Check, Variation, Turnaround
Turnaround Types
Exercise Formats
Working Through This Book
Study Habit #1
Study Habit #2
Designing A Routine

Working With The Variation Key
Using The Variations
Variation Key Example

Stroke Types
Using Stroke Types
Strokes Index
Quarter Note Legatos
8th Note Legatos
8th Note Triplet Legatos
Putting It All Together
Understanding Triplets
8th Note Triplets
16th Note Triplets

Using Timing
Timing Index
8th Note Timing
8th Note Accent Timing
8th Note Triplet Timing
8th Note Triplet Accent Timing
16th Note Timing
16th Note Accent Timing
16th Note Triplet Timing
16th Note Triplet Accent Timing

Multiple Strokes
Using Multiple Strokes
Multiple Strokes Index
16th Note Multiple Strokes
16th Note Triplet Multiple Strokes

Using Rolls
Rolls Index
16th Note Rolls
16th Note Triplet Rolls
32nd Note Rolls
Putting It All Together

Using Paradiddles
Paradiddles Index
16th Note Paradiddles
16th Note Triplet Paradiddles

Buzz Rolls
Using Buzz Rolls
Buzz Rolls Index
8th Note Triplet Buzz Rolls
16th Note Buzz Triplets

Using Flams
Flams Index
8th Note Flams
8th Note Triplet Flams
16th Note Flams


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from the community.

I ADORE that you didn't just jump right into the music. The motivation, the background knowledge, the guide for new players, it's all genius! I can't wait to get better!!

..and the stroke types are awesome to have written in. Getting EVERY detail on point. This is amazing! You guys are great!

Matt G.Performer

This book is the book that I wish I had when I first started band in 6th grade. As a percussionist and current band director, I can tell you that many of the percussion sections for beginning band method books fall short in actually breaking down what an aspiring percussionist should know when it comes to snare drumming. I look forward to having my students use this book because I am confident that they will come out with the proper tools to be successful snare drummers and percussionists.

Sergio A.Band Director

Hey GridBook!

Just wanted to say I'm super happy with my purchase of your "Snare Fundamentals" book! I recently got my wisdom teeth removed and since I was couch ridden for longer than expected I basically used several hours a day going through the book from start to finish! I've played drumset for around 6 years but going through your book really showed me where my weakest points are and how I can fix them! Great experience so far and I'm sure there are many more hours I will get out of it!

Jeremy R.Performer

Great job on the Snare Fundamentals book guys. Love the design and the approach of the book!

As an experienced player and instructor I love the fact that this book covers so much essential information that you would normally explain to students as additional information (i.e. additional from the standard documented information) from experience but could never find in books. Plus the fact that the explanation is visually supported, very helpful!

Menno VDGPerformer & Educator

Hi guys, I'm so glad some time ago I bought a book of yours and I have to admit Snare Fundamentals is a complete game-changer!

Everything I went through brought a lot of inspiring ideas to my mind while practicing, and the whole concept of learning the rudimental alphabet and ways to practice it are ingenious, bring a looot of ideas and inspiration. Thanks for that publication! 😊

Szymon S.Performer