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Drumline Mindset

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Product Description

Drumline Mindset is filled with advice for drumline performers and educators. The concepts in this book help performers overcome obstacles, reduce nervousness, and feel more prepared to reach new levels of performance excellence. For educators, the text provides a framework for developing work ethic, team-work, communication and an effective practice/rehearsal process.

This book is for people who:
- Are new to drumline. 
- Want to enhance their Drumline experience.
- Are in a leadership position.
- Are instructing a drumline.

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Product Details

Over the years, we have noticed trends in how ensembles operate. Every ensemble is unique, but there are certain cultural similarities every great ensemble shares. 

We have taken these concepts and put them together in an organized way to show you what it takes to be successful in the marching arts.

A great final product on the field doesn’t just come from talented musicians playing together. Ensembles are great as a result of a total process including individual practice, group rehearsal, order of operations, rehearsal etiquette, time management, and much more.

Due to the nature of the activity, rehearsals are often so fast paced that if you don’t have a clear process established things can become chaotic and inefficient. 

Our goal with this book is to share our process, designed from working with some of the best ensembles in the world, to provide a roadmap for you to reference and gain inspiration from. We hope this book will help you develop a stronger mindset, feel more prepared, and achieve excellence faster.

- Mindset Of A Great Performer
- How To Be Confident
- Pride Checklist
- How To Work As A Team
- Terminology Of Success
- How To Establish And Maintain A Great Vibe
- What Equipment You Need
- How To Care For Equipment
- How To Practice At Home
- How To Rehearse In A Group Setting
- Order Of Operations
- Rehearsal Etiquette
- How To Communicate Effectively

For Students: Read it, highlight it, make notes, and develop your own idea of how you want to be a great member. Reference this book frequently throughout your season and see if you are staying on track with the guidelines you have made for yourself. Make more notes, and keep your mind fresh with your process of excellence. 

For Educators: Use this as a reference for how you want your ensemble to operate. At the beginning of each season we sit with our students and read through this book together so we’re all on the same page. You can also use this to influence your ensemble packet material.

8.5" x 11"
Spiral Bound Book
53 Pages

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Table Of Contents

The Mental Game
Minimize Interference
Self Awareness
Mindset Is Everything
Talen Vs Skill
Everything Gets A Return
The Truth Behind How To Be Confident
Pride Checklist
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
Believe In Your Brand
Be Proactive
Respect The Process
Be Kind
Terminology Of Success

The Vibe
Being A Role Model
Get Involved In The Community
Learn Everywhere
Leverage Social Media
Private Lessons
Dealing With Adversity

Backpack Culture
"The House"
Take Care Of Your Equipment
Section Hypes
Equipment Specifics
Water Jug
Drum Key / Hex Key / Tools
Drumline Hack: Carabiner
Batteries / Chargers
3 Ring Binder
Drill Coordinates
Dot Book / Dot Card
Show Music

The Set Up
Practice Station
Guidelines For Efficient Practice
Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice How You Want To Perform
Using A Metronome
Tempo Thresholds & Goals
Practice Vs Rehearsal

The Pace
Rehearsal Types
Sub Sectionals
Drumline Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
Full Ensemble
Rehearsal Vocabulary
Order Of Operations
Water Break Vs Gush-N-Go
Developing Great Rehearsal Habits
Attend Every Rehearsal
Come With A Great Attitude
Bring Everything You Need
Know All Of Your Music
Listen Closely And Adapt Quickly
Rehearsal Mindset
Drum For Tomorrow
Have A Vision

Communication Is The Key To Success
Micro vs Macro Communication
Body Language
Eye Contact
Responding In Rehearsal
Ask Questions
There Is A Time And Place For Everything
Communication Hierarchy


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