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Drumline Movement

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Product Description

Drumline Movement is a book focused on the marching aspect of drumline performance. The text begins with step-by-step routines to help prepare the body for the physical demands of wearing a drum. Then teaches drumline specific marching techniques, how to read the field, and what responsibilities performers have in the drill. 

This book is for drummers who:
- Perform in a drumline. 
- Want to improve marching technique.
- Want routines to improve endurance and flexibility.
- Are instructing a drumline.

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Product Details

Being a great technical musician is important, but in the marching activity that is only half the battle. An common issue in our activity is that drumlines will play really well standing still, but the second they get on the move, it blows up.

How well you play during a standstill DOES NOT MATTER in the competitive sense of the activity. So it is crucial you take the physical aspect of what you do just as serious as the playing. And there are two sides to this. There is the technical execution and style of your marching technique, and there is also BEING IN SHAPE which a lot of people overlook

Drumline Movement was written to teach our students a world-class way to work on marching technique and physical fitness preparing them to have an amazing season. 

Coming Soon.

8.5" x 11"
Spiral Bound Book
57 Pages

Product Overview

Table Of Contents

We Are Athletes
Living A Healthy Lifestyle
Personal Fitness
Fatigue Is Real
Being In Shape Matters
Marching Arts Performer Diet
What To Eat
When To Eat
Stay Hydrated
Stay Active

Marching Arts Fitness
The Muscles Use
Body Muscle Diagram
Before You March
Body Warm Ups
Warming Up The Body
Dynamic Warm Ups
Why We Stretch
Static vs Dynamic Stretching
Dynamic Stretches
Static Stretches
Building Strength & Endurance
The Importance Of Cardio
Cardio Exercises

Putting It All Together
Marching Arts Fitness Routine
The Routine | 15min
The Routine | Warm Up & Stretch
The Routine | Calisthenics & Cardio

The Body
Knowing Your Body
Natural vs Unnatural Movement
Body Basics
Set Position
Foot Positions
Marching Directions
Marching Techniques
Ski Lines
Relative Directions
Oblique Directions
Forward March
Backward March
Left Crab
Right Crab
Front Left Oblique
Back Right Oblique
Front Right Oblique
Back Left Oblique

The Big Picture
The Arena
Getting Started
Step Sizes
The Field Basics
Yard Lines
Yard Line Numbers & Hash Marks
8-to-5 Grid & Tick Marks

Drill Basics
The Importance Of The Drill
Your Role In The Process
Your "DOT"
The Form


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