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I Will Not Be Defeated Poster

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Through my life I have always wanted to be the best version of myself at all times, and on my journey I have always been met with adversity. There are times where I feel lost, that I'm letting people down, that my dreams are out of reach, that I have an unfair advantage, and the list goes on…

But these are momentary thoughts and situations, and through all of it, one simple message helps me get back up after I have been knocked down.

"I will not be defeated."

Any time I am stressed, overwhelmed, or feel like defeat is inevitable, I say this mantra to myself, and believe in it wholeheartedly. Because believing in yourself is one of the most important attributes to success.

This doesn't mean I can't get upset, or that I won't have bad days. This just means for every failure, every set back, and through every unfortunate situation, I will check, adjust, reset, and keep going.


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